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Rachel White, Miss Texas United States 2014
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Miss Texas United States 2014 is Rachel White who is 22 years old and Houstonian born and raised. The only child of Elizabeth and John White, Rachel graduated from St. Agnes Academy high school in 2009, from there she attended Texas Christian University for her freshman year of college to get acquainted with the idea of moving away from home. After her freshman year she transferred to Marymount Manhattan College, in Manhattan, New York City. While living in New York City Rachel worked as a Fashion Public Relations intern for Theory, Helmut Lang, Theysken’s Theory, and Taylor Dress. She also worked for the newly elected mayor of New York, Bill deBlasio, as a press intern, devoting her interests to community and political journalism.

  It was in New York City, Rachel took a leap of faith and curiosity, to compete in her first pageant in over 13 years and took on Miss New York USA 2013, placing top 10 out of over 120 contestants from all over the state of New York. Being the new comer on the pageant scene, Rachel landed a multitude of modeling opportunities throughout New York City and requested appearances along with a multitude of friendships she still holds dear to her heart – all fueling her passion for competing in pageants. 

  While living in New York City, Rachel took up a job to help pay for the higher cost of living at an Upper East Side restaurant, which fueled her passion to pursue a career in the hospitality industry. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in Communication Arts with a concentration in Critical Media and a minor in Journalism in May of 2013. Since graduation, Rachel moved back to Houston, Texas where she currently works in Information Technology recruiting while she studies for the GRE to pursue her Masters in Business Hospitality Management. In her spare time you will usually find Rachel swimming, running, reading a new book, cooking and baking, or trying a new restaurants.  

  Her passions include participating community outreach programs for young adults struggling with depression and anxiety. She believes the most powerful thing you can give anyone is a comfortable outlet to allow individuals to express themselves honestly and openly. The main issue teens and young adults face today is the disapproval of others – In her year as Miss Texas, Rachel hopes to launch a site which promotes the comfort of anonymous users to seek help, advice, and journal their struggles and triumphs to share. In a world where social media is the foundation of the young generation, adapting new therapeutic methods would be applied to reach out and support the generation of today.

  However the cause that she holds near and dear to her heart is Diabetes Awareness. In July of 2013, Rachel lost her mother to complications due to Diabetes, and since then has been an advocate for healthier lifestyles, diabetic friendly culinary consultations and classes, walks, and charity events in order to honor not only the memory of her mother, but the lives of those fighting diabetes young and old.

She is most thankful for her family, and friends for the amazing love and support they have shown her not only in preparation for Miss United States but throughout her life.